“How To” research various topics of interest


Starts: 10:30 AM


March 16 – DAR:  How to get started with Dena Green

April 27 – Find-A-Grave  with  Debra Jacks

May TBA – How to Make a Family Tree Book with Nellie Mullekin

(Wedding or Baby Present)

June  8 –  African American Research with John Clark

July TBA – How to do a Deed Search  with Orloff Miller

August TBA – How to conduct an Oral History with Lynn David

September 21 – How to find information on Internet with Tom Duke

October TBA – How to research and publish a book with Danny Weddle & Randy Harrison

November  16 – How to research history of a house or business wih Elisabeth Miller

December TBA – Keeping family records with TBA


Saturday Seminars are free and open to the public (Participants will be on their own for lunch, but are invited to stay all day to research or tour the Miniature Gallery, Changing Gallery and the Historical Gallery free of charge.

for more information contact: 606-564-5865