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West Front Street & Rosemary Clooney Street
Maysville, KY 41056


This unique train station is located in the heart of Maysville’s historic district. If you’re arriving or leaving for your vacation, Amtrak is sure to get you there!

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O, now CSX) passenger depot in Maysville, built around 1918, has a waiting room with traditional wooden benches for rail passengers.

The single-story red brick colonial-style building, trimmed in white, has a central entrance under a small classical portico and two small offset wings to either side of the entrance, with star-patterned panes above each front window and similarly-patterned clerestory windows at either end of the building’s wings. Another small rectangular brick building in the same style, the former freight depot, sits nearby.

The former Maysville station for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad is also still standing in town, and has been restored for other uses.

Station & Service Hours
Mon 12:40am – 2:10am
Tues Closed
Wed 5:10am – 6:40am
Thurs 12:40am – 2:10am
Fri 5:10am – 6:40am
Sat 12:40am – 2:10am
Sun 5:10am – 6:40am

– Enclosed waiting area
– No ticket office
– No checked baggage