Joseph Byrd Brannen & Co

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145 West Second Street
Maysville, KY 41056


Joseph Byrd Brannen & Co. is a small shop which opened in late January 1988, specializing in handmade reproductions in the style of 17th & 18th century American furniture.

I welcome visitors to view samples of some of my pieces and look around the workshop. A phone call is suggested and an appointment can be arranged.

Each piece of furniture is built with the same attention of detail as 17th & 18th century joinery. Dovetailed joints are used in the construction of case pieces and in the assembly of drawers. Mortise and tenon joints are hand cut and pinned where appropriate with a small wooden peg. For extra strength, glue blocks are also sometimes used.

Every piece is hand planed, scraped and sanded before and after assembly to achieve a surface typical of fine antiques. Carvings are done by hand and inlays are constructed of solid wood or ivory.

We use the finest Appalachian hardwoods available such as: cherry, walnut and maple. Along with these primary woods, mahogany is also available. Ash, sycamore and poplar are used as secondary woods. Hand filed, solid brass hardware is of the finest quality available. Also used are iron chest locks and brass drawer locks. Forged cut nails are used where appropriate, most notably in securing backs and moldings.

All finishing is done by hand. Care is taken to enhance grain clarity and to obtain a patina, such as that of an original antique.

I feel properly constructed and finished furniture will appreciate in value over time as do quality antiques.

I quote prices from provided photo’s books or magazine references.

Elements from more than one picture can be combined for a custom design, which is always signed and dated.

Price quotes will be returned for your approval.

Sorry but I do not repair or refinish.

Stop by if you have a chance, you never know what you may see!