St. Lukes Anglican Church

Contact Details

621 Parker Road
Maysville, KY 41056


Services held at Trinity Lutheran Church (621 Parker Road)

Service times:

Sunday School:(The Rectory)
Sunday – 10:00am
Holy Communion: 11:00am
2nd Wednesday 6:30pm – Healing Service

Welcome to St. Luke’s.

Our statement of belief:
– We believe the Word of God to be reliable, and the claims of Jesus to be true.

– We strive to be disciples and make disciples for Christ.

Through God’s grace, St. Luke’s was founded in 2007 and has been providing a place to worship through God’s provision and the Christian generosity of the people of Trinity Lutheran Church.

St. Luke’s is a member of the Anglican Church in North America and welcomes you to come and worship with us as we are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord and Savior.

Our principle worship service is Holy Communion.

Weekly we celebrate the remembrance of Christ’s work on the cross to reunite us with God in a loving relationship with Him – not only for eternity, but also right now.

Our Liturgy includes hymns of praise and worship, readings from the Old & New Testaments and Psalms.

We pray together for God’s presence and protection and we receive his assurance through Communion.

Our roots extend back to the ancient Church of England and we are united in faith and practice with over 45,000,000 Anglicans world wide, making us a member of the 3rd largest Christian fellowship in the world.

Our doors are open and we invite you to be our guest, for Bible Study, worship and fellowship.

Due to space constraints and overlapping space needs with our Lutheran hosts, our Sunday School activities (for both children and adults) are conducted at the Rectory (our pastor’s home) – 1575 E. Algonquin Dr (5 minutes from the church proper)