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The first performance in Mason County of an organized theatrical group was in September of 1797.

A disastrous fire occurred in April, 1850, and destroyed a church that was then known as the Old Blue Church. The Church decided to relocate to another street, and in its place two fire companies and a theatre were built.

The Opera House was opened February 12, 1885 with the presentation of ‘Fatinitza’ by the Amy Gordon Opera Company.

The Opera House became the center of culture and the community, only to be struck by fire in January, 1898.

Once the theatre was restored its name was changed to the Washington Opera House, after the fire company that rebuilt it.

In the early years the Opera House had hosted performers such as Tom Mix, John Sullivan, John Phillip Sousa, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Will Geer.

The fire department shared the building with the theatre company until 1940.

In 1963 the stockholders of the Washington Opera House decided to sell it at a private auction. However, it did not sell until five years later, in 1968. A group called the Maysville Players purchased it for around $20,000.

The Maysville Players had their beginning in 1962 with six people who were interested in a live theatre and who got together to perform ‘Our Town’.

The founding board began to fill the stage with exceptional series of productions.

The Washington Opera House is listed on the National Registry of Historical Buildings, and is the fifth oldest theatre still in use today.

The Maysville Players are the oldest theatre group in the Commonwealth.