Spring into Fitness

March 24, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
The Cox Building
2 E Third St
Maysville, KY 41056
$5.00 admission, Fitness classes FREE!
Spring into Fitness @ The Cox Building | Maysville | Kentucky | United States

Spring into Fitness

  • Not sure if your doing it right?
  • Wanting to take a fitness class but not sure which one?
  • Need help using that exercise equipment properly or buying one? 
  • Too scared to walk in a gym and ask questions or look around?
  • You’ve got food in the house, but not sure how to fix it healthy?
  • Are you wearing the right shoes for you and the sport activity?
  • Looking for a fun way you can exercise with your child or pet?
  • In need of the latest and coolest athletic wear to make you look like the athlete you are?

Well …we have the event for you!!


It’s all in one location!!

“Spring into Fitness” event will be hosting fun activities all day for you and your child.  doesn’t matter the age or ability, this fun packed event will be offering services and products we all could use.  Representatives, Specialists, Certified Instructors in their fields will be on hand to answer your questions and demonstrations. 

See firsthand Martial Artists move quick as lightning, Kickboxing, break boards, incorporate weapons with stunning techniques….. Now it’s your turn!! yes that’s right!!! you too can try some of these moves while taking part in this free class and demonstration.  

Not sure if your interested in Martial Arts, that’s OK! Check out one of the free fitness classes being offered throughout the building showing some of the latest fitness craze trends of today!

OK …… between you and me….. can I be honest?…..we’ve all got to stop wearing those over-sized stained baggy sweats and t-shirts to work out in, that we also wear to paint and sleep in..Yes i’m guilty too….. Wearing the right outfit also helps with the mind and attitude of exercising…. so lets look and feel the part!.. Merchants will be selling the coolest and sexiest workout gear available today! and we don’t have to travel from store to store looking for it!! because it’s all right here at the “Spring into Fitness” event!

On a subject that not many of us know how to handle.. bullying at school or work… yes it happens to children and adults alike… want to know how to handle it? then check out the free interactive class and demonstration given by one of the certified instructors…. maybe together we will learn a technique stopping someone by using just one finger…. 

Admission to event: $5.00 per person (12 and under FREE)

Culinary Cooking Class: $10.00 per person (Limited to 12 people per class)

All other classes and demonstrations FREE!