Garden Day in Old Washington

Garden tPeoniesours,  artists, printmaking,  plant and flower demonstrations and sales of beautiful plants and flowers will highlight the second  Garden Day in Old Washington on Saturday May 11.  Sponsored by Old Washington, Inc.,  all of the events are free and open to the public.  The Visitor’s Center and Museums will be open from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Local gardens will be open for tours from noon until 3:30 pm.  Artist Ken Swinson’s garden at 1934 Old Main Street features iris and peonies.   He will have a free print making activity for all ages using natural materials like leaves and flowers.

The acrGarden Weber 5e garden at Phil and Debby Weber’s house features a two tiered fish pond, a unique yellow magnolia tree, and a wide variety of flowers such as columbine, buttercups, phlox, red hot pokers and cone flowers.  Their home was built in 1815 by James Paxton as a wedding gift to his daughter.   The address is 2026 Old Main Street.

Behind Paxton Inn at   2028  Old Main Street is a restored parterre garden (an ornamental geometric arrangement of flower plots) similar to the Williamsburg, Virginia gardens.    Four boxwoods surround parterre plots with an antique sundial set in a historic grinding stone in the center.  One plot is devoted to a culinary herb garden with an authentic Old Washington restored well.  Behind an old wrought iron fence are two heirloom roses   from the garden of Luellen Pyle’s grandmother                                                 and peonies, a favorite of the Marshall Key family.  A shade garden beneath an old maple tree contains shade loving plants:  hostas, ferns, sweet woodruff, bee balm, germander and bleeding hearts.  Beautiful tulips, donated by Jane Wise,  were in bloom earlier in the season.   Volunteers Joanne and Ernie Siders will be in the garden to discuss the plants and tell about their work restoring and reviving the beautiful garden.

`               A beautiful rose garden is in  front of Jim and Claudia Moose’s lovely brick home at 2014 Old Main Street.  It was built in 1812.

Educational demonstrations will be held throughout the day.  “Growing Peonies” with Carrie Taylor, MCTC instructor, will be held at the Washington Meeting House at 10:30 a.m.  Learn about the essence of the peony and this prolific perennial that graces our gardens year after year.  During the session, you will learn interesting and historical facts as well as plant care and design information.  Ms. Taylor will offer an afternoon session on using pressed plants to make gift cards.  Everyone will make a card to take with them as a cherished gift or send to someone special.  Learn the basics of flower pressing and processes of card design at the Meeting House at 1:00 p.m.

Mike Cowden will do printing demonstrations and Arin Murray will do terrarium plant demonstrations at the Bluegrass Artisans Center, 2215 Old Main Street, the old Cane Brake log cabin.  Its garden features cane, peonies, lily of the valley and lamb’s ear.  The cabin is full of local and regional art exhibits including Sue Gorrman’s paintings and Jennifer Gleason’s Sunflower Sundries.  Visit during Garden Day and receive FREE marigold seeds and complimentary coffee!

Come to Paxton Inn at 2028 Old Main Street so see beautiful floral watercolors by Barb Clarke, visit the Harriet Beecher Stow Slavery to Freedom Museum, 2124 Old Main Street and go to the Albert Sydney Johnston House for a tour and to register for a door prize of a beautiful hanging basket.

The Royal Gardens of Mason County Middle School will have plants for sale at their greenhouse behind the old Jockey Building and also in Washington.  Throughout the day other artists and local garden and related vendors will be set up along the street with displays and selling their wares.

All events are free and open to the public.