Main Street

Celebrating a vivid past while embracing the promise and advantages of the 21st Century, Maysville always has been and always will be a proud of its rich heritage.  Years ago city government realized the importance of our diverse architecture and has worked diligently to find new uses for the wonderful collection of historic buildings we call home.  From putting culinary arts in the 1886 Cox Building to hosting special events in an old Montgomery Ward department store, these are just a few examples of how our history is still playing a role in today’s economy. Maysville has been a member of the National Main Street program since the 1980’s and was one of five pilot programs established by the State of Kentucky. The City has worked hard to keep its historic center economically vibrant. However, the rise of strips malls, the exodus to the suburbs and changes in shopping patterns were beginning to take a toll on the downtown housing and main street economy. In 1998 the State of Kentucky created a program called Renaissance Kentucky under the tutelage of Governor Paul Patton.  The purpose of the program was to infuse money to decaying downtown’s across the state.  To participate and be eligible for state and federal funding a community needed to meet fourteen criteria to prove they were prepared locally to utilize the money to its best advantage.  Maysville entered the program as a “Silver” member and elevated to the highest level of “Gold” within the first year.

As the State’s budget tightened, the Renaissance Program ceased to exit and Maysville has shifted it’s focus back to Main Street.  Through the Kentucky Heritage Council’s initiative of “economic revitalization through historic preservation,” the Maysville Main Street Board works with various civic/non-profit groups as well as the City and it’s Board of Architectural Review to concentrate on promoting and renovating our vast array of historic properties.  It has been proven that the renovation of a historic building for commercial use vastly outweighs the economic return garnered from a “new” big box development.

Completed projects:

Streetscape, The French Quarter, Opera Theater Restoration, Ledger Independent, Maysville Conference Center, One Stop Government Center, Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, Russell Theatre, Mason County Judicial Center, Mason County Health Department, Cox Building, Locally Funded Façade Program, Locally Funded Boarded Window/Door Program.

We continue to work very hard to make downtown Maysville a place where people want to live and shop.  Come visit and see for yourself!

2015 Main Street Annual Report

2015 Renaissance_ANNUAL REPORT

Vision Statement

With a mission to optimize continued integrity, vitality and character of Maysville’s historic downtown, the Maysville Main Street Board will continue to be a catalyst for change and growth.

The City of Maysville and the Main Street Board envisions downtown Maysville as a place for people to live, work and play. Buildings are being renovated and restored for new uses while being mindful of their architectural integrity. The arts continue to take center stage and are an impetus for downtown revitalization. Housing options grow as building owners realize the opportunities for river views and young professionals desiring the downtown urban atmosphere.

Downtown Maysville will strive to be the civic, cultural and social nucleus for the entire community while offering small business and education the environment to thrive.

For more information, visit the Main Street Board page.