No Small Feat

Christmas Miniature

Maysville, KY—The decorations and holiday displays may all be in 1:12 scale at the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, but it is certainly no small task to prepare the world-class exhibits for the Christmas season. Kaye Browning, her assistant curator Linda Young from Florida, and Kaye’s daughter Carey Seven from St. Louis have been diligently decorating the hundreds of room boxes, houses, and displays to reflect Browning’s favorite holiday.
“It’s no secret that I love Christmas,” says Browning. And it shows. Watching her open the boxes of diminutive holiday items is like seeing a wide-eyed child unwrapping presents on Christmas day and she recalls a memory for almost every item. In one scene, delicate needlepoint stockings are hung by a chimney embroidered with Kaye and her husband Lou’s names, as well as the names of three of their grandchildren.
Christmas is, indeed, Browning’s favorite holiday, but no display at the gallery is more beloved by her than the nativity scene she commissioned in 2012. “It encompasses the whole reason of why we celebrate the Christmas season,” says Browning. “My grandfather was a Methodist minister, so we grew up with a balance of knowing the meaning of Christmas and feeling the excitement that goes along with Santa Claus. It was a magical time of year and still is for me.”
The nativity scene draws many to the museum during the holidays and this year it was featured on the cover of Miniature Collector magazine. The cover photo was taken by Maysville photographer Kim McKisson. Another of the museum’s Christmas displays will be highlighted in the December issue of American Miniaturist.
The holiday exhibits which include several Maysville landmarks will be completely installed and decorated by November 11 and will remain up until mid-January.

The KSB Miniatures Collection is a 3,300-square-foot gallery filled with thousands of fine art miniatures, room boxes and houses collected by Kaye Savage Browning over the past forty years. Located within the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky, it is considered one of the most notable collections of its kind in the world.

The KSB Miniatures Collection
Kentucky Gateway Museum Center
215 Sutton Street
Maysville, Kentucky 41056