Should We Save You a Seat?

Ashby  Jedd Russell Theatre Interior 11aMaysville, KY—Be part of Maysville history by sponsoring a recreation of one of the original Russell Theatre auditorium chairs reproduced in perfect one-twelfth scale for placement in the miniature Russell Theatre debuting April 17-18 at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center (KGMC) in Maysville, Kentucky. Patrons who donate $100 to the Save Me a Seat benefit will have the name of their choice engraved on a plaque displayed outside the Russell Theatre exhibit in the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection. 
The exterior of the iconic Russell Theatre in miniature was widely received by the community when it premiered at the museum in 2010. Now the interior will make its dramatic debut after two years in the making. Both pieces were created by renowned Chicago artisans Allison Ashby and Steven Jedd and commissioned by Kaye Browning.
“Kaye wanted to encourage her neighbors to recognize Maysville’s architectural treasures, in the hope that their renewed appreciation might result in the actual structures being renovated and saved,” says Ashby. The artisans called the creation of the theater interior “the most labor intensive project” they have ever attempted. Each miniature theater chair is less than three inches high and composed of eight separate pieces which the artisans handcrafted, painted, upholstered and constructed.
Ashby and Jedd will be discussing the creation of the KSB Miniatures Collection’s newest exhibit at the unveiling celebration beginning 10 a.m. April 17 at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center. It kicks off a two-day event, The Russell Theatre Miniature Unveiling of the Interior, celebrating the recreation of the iconic theater’s interior. The Spanish atmospheric auditorium in miniature features private balconies, elaborate minarets and statuary all replicated to appear as the original 1929 Russell Theatre on Third Street, which is still being renovated.
For information on the Save Me a Seat fundraiser or for attending The Russell Theatre Miniature Unveiling of the Interior call the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center at 606-564-5865.