The Kentucky Gateway Museum New Exhibit


On January 9th, there will be a reception from 5-7 to open a new exhibit in the Changing Exhibits Gallery about the journey of Lewis & Clark. A reenactment participant is bringing the replica gear used in 2003 when the journey was recreated, including the large medicine chest complete with medications, a tent and other supplies. This should really bring their historic journey to life for students who are studying this part of US history that has a definite connection to Maysville. Lewis traveled from Pittsburg on the Ohio with boats and supplies to meet Clark in Louisville with stops in Maysville and Cincinnati. He hired John Coulter of the Maysville area to accompany them to the Pacific which led to Coulter’s eventually becoming the first “mountain man” and discovering what is now known as the Yellowstone National Park. The exhibit will close on April 18th.

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