The New City of Maysville Website

We have a new website!

Yes we knew it was time when technology was getting the better of us.

To help make your experience enjoyable here are a few tips.
  • Drag your mouse over any of the colored boxes at the top of the page for information
  • Click on any of the colored popup boxes in the middle of the page.  Here you will find up to the minute information on events, tips, and news from each department.
  • The Noteworthy section is a great way to look up information a department posted yesterday and today.
  • Want to know what’s happening in Maysville? Check out the calendar at the top of the page
  • Everyone loves a good photo,  click on Galleries
  • We’ve even made it easier for you to have Maysville information on your computer or mobile device.  Just click on any of the icons at the bottom of the screen that works for you.

Most important of all………. have fun viewing the new website!