Visiting Maysville

We are so glad you are visiting our web-site in order to learn more about our community – Maysville, Kentucky.  We are confident that after you see all we have to offer, you will be ready to pack you bags and visit.

Celebrating a vivid past while embracing the promise and advantages of the 21st Century, Maysville always has been and always will be a proud of its rich heritage.  Years ago city government realized the importance of our diverse architecture and has worked diligently to find new uses for the wonderful collection of historic buildings we call home.  From putting culinary arts in the 1886 Cox Building to hosting special events in an old Montgomery Ward department store, these are just a few examples of how our history is still playing a role in today’s economy.

The city shines with footlights from its award-winning theaters. The newly restored 1889 Washington Opera House, run by the Maysville Players since 1964, seats 500 patrons and is located in downtown Maysville on West Second Street. The famous Opera sign serves as a beacon for people eager to experience professional arts, live entertainment and civic events. The theater basked in the national spotlight with the red carpet premiere of George Clooney’s film “Leatherheads” in March of 2008. Maysville is also home to the Russell Theater. This 1920s atmospheric theater also hosted a red carpet event when Maysville’s own Rosemary Clooney returned for her premier “The Stars are Singing” in 1953. This beautiful theater is currently undergoing a major restoration and soon will showcase exquisite theater architecture complete with stars twinkling in the ceiling.

Visual arts are celebrated with original exhibits by local artists in Maysville’s galleries and many local businesses. The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, located on Sutton Street, is home to the exquisite Kathleen Savage Browning Miniature Collection.  Immerse yourself in the unrivaled collection of 1/12 scale miniatures.

From stately homes to small apartments, the miniature dwellings offer a glimpse of how people lived in different eras. Experience the ambiance of a local c.1400 English pub where chaps gather for a pint, game pie and bit of conversation in front of a warm hearth. Visit the Cox Building with Kilgus’ Drug store, its soda fountain and booths, Kaye’s childhood haunt where she spent many happy hours with friends. Children can enjoy the nursery rhyme collections showcasing “Mary had a Little Lamb” and “Winken, Blinken & Nod” to name just a few.  No words can describe the magnitude of this collection.  It is just one of many reasons you need to come visit.

If history is what you are looking for we have it around every corner.  From the 1790’s frontier village of Old Washington to the National Underground Railroad Museum – there is something for everyone.  Genealogists and researchers have found that the research library located on the second floor of the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center is one the best within the state of Kentucky.

Maysville is also home to many outdoor attractions.  From golfing, biking to zip-lining we love to have a good time.  This past October over 14,000 visitors came to Maysville to compete in the “Tough Mudder” Endurance Competition.  A good time was had by all and we await news to hear if we will be hosting the event again next year.

Lastly, go to our special events section and pick a weekend to visit during one of our many festival and events.  We love a good party in Maysville and would love to have you join us.

Take your time as you navigate our site.  Call if you have additional questions or need us to put a package together for you and your friends.


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