2016 Comprehensive Plan Update

UPDATED 7/14/2016


Maysville and Mason County Comp Plan 2016 – Appendix 1 of 2

Maysville and Mason County Comp Plan 2016 – Appendix 2 of 2

Below, please find a red-lined copy of the Comprehensive Plan with proposed revisions, as well as maps and figures.  This is NOT the final document.

2016_Comp Plan_Word Doc_Update2

Public Facilities Mason Co_2016 Public Facilities City Map_20162014 Proposed State Highway Improvements transportation systems Service and Commercial_2016 Building Permits_2016 Comp Plan Communicty_Non Public Facilities City MapUpdate Development Areas_2016 Location Map_Comp Plan_2016City of Maysville_Comp Plan Map Maysville_East End ORIGINAL_Comp Plan Map Maysville_East End PROPOSED_Comp Plan Map Mason County_Comp Plan MapCity of Maysville_Land Use_Zoning Map Maysville_Central Business Dist_Land Use_Zoning Map Maysville_East End_Land Use_Zoning Map Mason County_Land Use_Zoning Map


The Mason County Joint Planning Commission will be reviewing the Comprehensive Plan during the next several months.  A preliminary breakdown of the meetings is listed below.  Please note, these meetings are subject to change, and all of the items linked below are from the 2011 Plan.  The Commission is required to review and re-adopt the Plan at least once every five years.  Public input is encouraged and appreciated.
Meetings are conducted at the Hazel M. Larkin Municipal Building at 216 Bridge Street at 5:30pm.

For more information and/or to purchase a copy of the 2011 Plan (unbound for $30), please contact Matt Wallingford at 606-564-9419.

Maysville/Mason County Comprehensive Plan
2016 Re-adoption Timeline

• December 2nd Regular Meeting
Community Assessment

• January 6th Regular Meeting
Goals and Objectives

•February 3rd Regular Meeting Goals and Objectives

March 2nd Regular Meeting
Plan Strategies_Transportation and Economic Development
• April 6th Regular Meeting
Plan Strategies_Public Facilities and Land Use

• May 4th Regular Meeting
Plan Strategies_Env Quality_Hist Preservation and Ag Areas

• June 1st and July 6th Regular Meetings
Recommendations for Plan Implementation
Go over Figures and Tables Maysville Comp Plan Map 7A 7B 7C Mason Co Water Lines Mason Co Land Use Map 14D Mason Co Highway Projects Figure 8 Mason Co Comp Plan Map 7D Major areas development 2000s Interstate 74 Figure 9 Transportation Systems Service and Commercial Public Facilities Maysville Public Facilities Mason County Ohio River Basin Figure 10 Maysville Land Use Map 14A 14B 14C

• August 3rd Review edited copy of the Plan

  • September 7th Public Hearing

• October 5th
Recommendations to City and County Governments