Cemetery Clean Up Scheduled for Monday

The grounds of Maysville & Mason County Cemetery will be cleaned this coming Monday, March 4. Artificial flowers are permitted November 1st through April 1st. The grounds are cleaned annually on the first Monday of March and the Monday following Memorial Day.

Cemetery administrators emphasize that all remaining decorations will be removed during clean up. The Cemetery will not be responsible for saving decorations but will publish a notice in the local newspaper.

The following items are prohibited at the cemetery:

  1. The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs except those located on the base of the monument.
  2. Glass, wood, concrete or iron articles;
  3. Shrubs on lots without monuments;
  4. Marble chips, or decorator rocks around monuments or markers.
  5. Window boxes, pots, glass jars.
  6. Shepherds hooks, wind chimes and hanging baskets.
  7. Coping, curbing, fencing, hedging, grave mound borders, or enclosures of any kind around any lot or grave; and walks of brick, cinders, tile, stone, marble, terracotta, sand, cement, gravel or wood.
  8. Surfaces other than shredded wood mulch, earth or sod.
  9. Solar lights placed on ground around monuments.

The Cemetery disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control and especially due to thieves, vandals, explosions, unavoidable accidents or acts of God.

All decorations as per new Rules and Regulations will be removed from the ground and discarded beginning Monday, March 4 at 7:00 AM.  Please contact the office (606) 564-4570 if you wish to keep the decoration or remove decorations from memorials.

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