Chalk the Walk

Chalk the Walk will be April 11th. This is an event that is part of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month which is observed during April.

The purpose of the event is to take the message of sexual violence prevention to the streets and write statistics such as “1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual abuse in their lifetime” as well as messages of hope for survivors of sexual trauma such as “We Believe You” and “You’re not alone”. The goal is that these messages will spark conversations for community members who see them and help end sexual violence in our community.

The Women’s Crisis Center is partnering with the Maysville Young Professional’s Network on this event. Their members will be leading the event and writing messages throughout the city that day.

For more information please contact:

Janel Miller, LSW
Women’s Crisis Center
direct line: 606.564.6708

Women’s Crisis Center’s mission is: To lead our community in the social change needed to end domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse.

24-hour crisis line (Maysville): 800.928.6708
24-hour crisis line (Northern Kentucky): 800.928.3335