City Commission Agenda for Feb. 14

Maysville Board of Commissioners will meet at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019 at Maysville Municipal Building.

The agenda is as follows:


  1. Invocation
  2. Roll call


3. The consent agenda is a means of expediting routine matters that must be acted on by Commission. All items approved will be done by one undebatable motion passed unanimously. Any item may be removed for debate on request of any member of Commission. Items removed from the consent portion become the first items of business of the regular agenda.

Department Reports: Engineering Department, Utility Department, Treasurer/Finance, Codes Department, Main Street, Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, City Clerk, Tourism Department.

Board & Commission Reappointments

  • Jan Applegate to fill the term of Pat Greiffenkamp on Housing Commission, exp. 3/13/2020
  • Codes Enforcement: Peggy Gilligan, exp. 2/10/22


  • Appointment of Clay Hawk to water distribution crew
  • Resignation of Micah Amstutz from police department
  • Promotion of Michael Frederic from probationary to full-time status in public works department
  • Appointment of Cameron O’Hearn to probationary status in fire department


  1. Open


  1. Update on Quarterly Dumpster Placement
  2. Second regular monthly meeting & streaming meetings


  1. Resolution authorizing application for Marshall Key House from KHC; 19-03
  2. Resolution authorizing River Park contract; 19-04
  3. Resolution authorizing electrical inspector contracts; 19-05
  4. Resolution authorizing insurance application; 19-06
  5. Resolution authorizing insurance application for Planning and Zoning; 19-07
  6. Resolution authorizing loan agreement with the U.S.A. for aircraft; 19-08
  7. Resolution authorizing lease with DMCGL LLC for parking lot; 19-09
  8. Resolution proclaiming Green Dot Maysville day; 19-10
  9. Resolution authorizing Mayor to sign Rotary Park lease; 19-11
  10. Resolution authorizing reimbursement to Mason County on USDA sewer line project; 19-12


  1. Ordinance naming Magnolia Court and making Magnolia Drive/Court same designation; 19-04


18. Motion to adjourn