City Commission December Agenda


The City of Maysville Board of Commissioners will hold its regular December meeting at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 14. Items on the agenda include:


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Minutes & Reports – Nov. 9 and 30, 2017 City Commission minutes
  4. Public Comment
  5. Appointments & Reappointments
  • Board of Architectural Review: Don Riegel & Bobbie Brothers, exp. 12/31/2020
  • Board of Ethics: Doug Bowery, Kay Miller & Tim Greiffenkamp, exp. 12/8/2020
  • Main Street Board: Patti North, Robert Roe and new members Brittany Cord to take the place of Tina Curtis, exp. 12/31/2021
  1. Resignation: Utility Department
  2. Appointment: Police
  3. Discussion: Columbia Gas
  4. Discussion: Restricted Access on Hill City Road
  5. Discussion: KY Fame
  6. Motion to approve audit report
  7. Motion for intergovernmental transfer to MMIDA – fire pump
  8. Resolution authorizing letter of support for Two Bridge Run on April 21, 2018; 17-107
  9. Resolution Re: Kentucky Wired; 17-108
  10. Resolution accepting sewer plant upgrade bid; 17-105
  11. Resolution authorizing agreement with National Joint Powers Alliance; 17-109
  12. Resolution authorizing sewer upgrade documents; 17-110
  13. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 174.03, storage of vehicles, first reading
  14. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 54.10, Order of Business; first reading
  15. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 150.18, water service charges for bank drafts, first reading
  16. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 231.13 to add Entertainment Destination Center; first reading
  17. Ordinance Amending Code of Ordinances 71.076 to change Board of Adjustments membership; first reading
  18. Ordinance regulating precious metal dealers and other businesses which purchase personal property for the purpose of reselling or exchanging property, second reading; 17-48
  19. Ordinance amending 90.06 (police and fire residency), second reading; 17-49
  20. Ordinance amending Code of  Ordinances Chapter 70.160, Residence Qualifications; first reading; 17-50
  21. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Chapter 71.240, Main Street, first reading; 17-51
  1. Closed session pursuant to KRS 61.810(c) to discuss pending litigation
  2. Adjournment