City Commission Special Meeting Tuesday


Maysville Board of Commissioners will hold a special meeting at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 22, in the commission chambers at Maysville Municipal Building.


On the agenda: 

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Motion to file lawsuit to terminate perpetual care fund for the cemetery and distribute funds to the City for use for the cemetery
  4. Resolution authorizing memorandum of agreement and perpetual trail easement; 17-81
  5. Resolution authorizing Kentucky 911 grant agreement; 17-82
  6. Resolution authorizing amendments to City Employee Handbook; 17-83
  7. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 152.04 (garbage collection), first reading, 17-35
  8. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Chapter 257, street sweeper, first reading; 17-27
  9. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Section 11.01, penalties, first reading; 17-33
  10. Ordinance adopting PVA assessment for 2017, second reading; 17-24
  11. Ordinance setting ad valorem tax levies on motor vehicles in 2018 and on all other taxable property due in 2017 and franchise tax on financial institutions in 2018, second reading; 17-25
  12. Adjournment