Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

The City of Maysville and surrounding Mason County are both “wet” territories, but governed by different ordinances and administered by the City Clerk and County Judge Executive respectfully.

City alcoholic beverage licensing ordinances are enacted by the Maysville Board of Commissioners, and all businesses within the city limits that sell or make alcoholic beverages must have both a city and a state license.

Steps to applying for an alcoholic beverage license may be found here.

Quota Licenses

While package beer licenses have no limit, package liquor requires a quota license of which there are none available in the Mason County.

Alcoholic beverages by-the-drink are no longer licensed through quota licenses. Businesses can acquire licenses under which they can sell wine and spirits in a number of ways. Restaurants and hotels and businesses may get an NQ2 license if 50% of revenue is produced through food sales. Businesses located in historic buildings may be able to get a Qualified Historic Site License. And businesses which were formerly licensed under the former Quota Drink License may still qualify to purchase a by the drink license.

The Landing at Limestone – Entertainment Destination Center

The City of Maysville’s Entertainment Destination Center, The Landing at Limestone, provides any type of business within or adjacent to the EDC an opportunity to apply for an NQ2 license without the 50% food revenue restriction. For more information on the Landing at Limestone, check out this EDC post and EDC FAQs.

Minors on Premises

While minors are not allowed on the premises of bars and taverns, click here for information on alcoholic beverage vendors who may allow minors on the premises.

If you do not find the information you are looking for on one of theses pages, contact City Clerk/ABC Administrator Lisa R Dunbar at or 606-564-2718.