Statement on Homelessness


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On May 21, 2021, the Maysville Commission on Human Rights released the following statement of its position on homelessness:

Maysville Commission on Human Rights takes the issue of homelessness very seriously.  In considering the plight of the homeless, we look to the values of our community, values like justice, compassion, and generosity. We recognize that it is vital as a community to provide assistance to those who are homeless because regardless of the circumstances that may have led to homelessness, they are human beings. All members of our community, homeless or otherwise, should be treated with sensitivity, understanding, and empathy.  It is the position of this commission that shelter is a basic human right, and public policies and procedures must recognize and respect the value of the homeless and their personal property. We call on public agencies, private citizens, civic and religious organizations to work together to respect, protect, and support our homeless population.