Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request

Form to request public documents
    Copies of written material and public records of the City shall be furnished to any person requesting them upon payment of the fees prescribed by the Code of Ordinances section 400.16, as follows: Zoning ordinance: $25 Zoning map: $10 Subdivision regulations: $25 Comprehensive plan: $30 Land use map: $25 Other documents: $0.10 per page
  • If the document name is unknown, provide brief but specific description of document or information requested (note date of issuance and location of document, if known). A request, which is broad, vague or too voluminous, may cause a delay or denial of your request.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, .
    Under City of Maysville Code of Ordinances Chapter 30: A certified statement from the requester shall be required for public records intended for use for commercial purposes, And may require the requester to enter into a contract with the City, A fee will be charged for those records based on the cost of reproduction and staff time required to produce the copies It is unlawful for any person to obtain records for commercial purposes without stating the commercial purpose, for a different commercial purpose than stated, or for noncommercial purpose if used for a commercial purpose, COMMERCIAL PURPOSE is defined as, the direct or indirect use of any public record or records, in any form, for sale, resale, solicitation, rent, or lease of a service, or any use by which the user expects a profit either through commission, salary, or fee. “COMMERCIAL PURPOSE” shall not include publication or related use of a public record by a newspaper or periodical; use of a public record by a radio or television station in its news or other informational program; or use of a public record in the preparation for prosecution or defense of litigation, or claims settlement by the parties to such action, or the attorneys representing the parties. Requests for commercial purposes must be accompanied by a Certification of Commercial Purpose. Payment for requested document replication and postage, if applicable, must be paid prior to documents being released.