Code Enforcement Department

The Code Enforcement Department is comprised of three sections:  Planning and Zoning, Building Code/Inspections, and Code Enforcement.

As a whole, the Code Enforcement Department’s goal is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Maysville.  The Codes office is located on the bottom floor of the Maysville Municipal Building at 216 Bridge Street.


George Larger handles planning and zoning in Maysville and Mason County.  He is also the Administrative Officer for the Mason County Joint Planning Commission; Maysville Board of Adjustment; Mason County Board of Adjustment; and Maysville/Washington Board of Architectural Review.  Contact:  606-564-2719 or

Jim Fawcett is a level 2 Building Inspector and handles all building inspections and enforcement of the Residential and Building Codes for Maysville and Mason County. Contact: 606-564-2525 or

Nicole Brooks is the Code Enforcement Officer and oversees all code violations in the City of Maysville.  She also is the Administrative Officer for the Maysville Codes Enforcement Board. Contact: 606-564-2504 or