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Church of the Nazarene

156 West Maple Leaf Road
Maysville, KY 41056


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When Jesus came to this earth he came on a mission. He was not confused about what he needed to do, nor did he spend his time doing things that weren’t important. When he left he put the mission in the church’s hands and gave us the responsibility to carry it out. So that is why we exist as a church- for mission. Our Mission is to:

Lead People to Become Passionate Followers of Christ.

Everything we do is for that reason, and that reason alone. We are fanatics about the mission. But maybe as important as the mission is how we seek to accomplish it. We understand that we cannot “make” anyone grow spiritually. All we can do is give you the opportunities and the right environment to grow. This is why our strategy is to:

Create Environments where people are encouraged and equipped to deepen their walk with Christ.