Don’t Be Intimidated by Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Process

Applying for an alcoholic beverage license can be a confusing and intimidating process. Below are the five basic steps to applying for your licenses from the City of Maysville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Step 1:   Download the basic alcoholic beverage license application from the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control website here.

Step 2:   Review the application, complete as much as you can, and gather the supporting documents you need, including City of Maysville alcoholic beverage license application.

Step 3:   Submit the state and city applications, supporting documents (lease/deed, state business certificate, newspaper advertisement, etc.), and city fee payment to the City Clerk at 216 Bridge St. for review and processing.

Step 4:   After review by the City Clerk and approval from the Alcoholic Beverage Administrator, you will be contacted to pick up your state application and City of Maysville license or it will be mailed to you, if requested.

Step 5:   Make your Kentucky ABC application online here.

For more information, contact City Clerk Lisa Dunbar at 606-564-2718 or

Please note that these guidelines apply only businesses within the Maysville city limits. Those outside the city but within Mason County should contact the Judge-Executive’s office at 606-564-6706.