Future Projects

CURRENT PROJECTS:Public Works Project Crew

1) Installing Floodwall Closers

2) Industrial Park 3 Water Storage tank project on Downing Drive

3) Water Line extension from Clarks Run Road to public works garage on Martha Comer Drive.

4) Water Line extension from the AA Highway to the new water storage tank and within Downing Drive.

5) Conference Center painting

6) Montgomery Room flooring , painting and drywall in kitchen area.

7) Fire Training Building expansion on Martha Comer Drive.

8) Monitoring of Flood Wall pumps along with Flood wall and Levee maintenance.


1) Replacing Floodwall pumps and wiring.

2) Safe Route to School sidewalk from Bridge Street to Sutton Street North side of Third Street.

3) Limestone Landing bathrooms

4) Station 2 Fire House remodel

5) West End TAP Grant from Wall Street to West end City Limits replace side walk and signage also Rosemary Clooney Street and Train Depot.

6) Recreational Trails Grant at Industrial Park 3 Trail around lake and Downing Drive.

7) 2016 Paving contract.

8) Harriett Beecher Stowe House repairs.