Fall Hydrant Flushing Schedule

The Maysville Utility Commission will start flushing fire hydrants Monday, September 25, 2017.  The water may become cloudy in color during the procedure and residents are asked not to wash clothes while hydrants are being flushed in their area.  They should also open the cold water faucet and let it run for a short time after flushing is completed.  While flushing hydrants on some streets, residents on other streets may be affected, please be aware of this.


The Maysville Utility Commission understands that this is an inconvenience to residents, however this has to be done for everyone’s protection.


Monday , September 25th

200 to 1400 blocks of E.2nd

Prospect, Cottage, Main, and William Streets

Carmel, E.3rd, State, Wood (100 and 200 blocks), and Chester Streets

Houston Ave., Ky Ave., Union St., and Beechwood

Broadway, Vine, and Dunbar Streets

Poplar, Bridge, Commerce, and Government Streets


Tuesday, September 26th

Forest Avenue (400 block to Valley View)

Valley View Subdivision


Wednesday, September 27th

Arrington Avenue, Schubert, Deerfield Village

Carolina Avenue, Clark Street, Meadow Drive.

Buckner, Florence, and Brooks streets, Central Avenue

Wood (300 to 600 blocks), Pelham, Tyler, and Center streets, around Parker Tobacco


Thursday, September 28th

West 2nd Street ( from Wall St to Inland Container)

Lake Charles, East 4th, Limestone, Sutton, Plum, Castro, Lee streets

McDonald Parkway, W. Front, Wall, and Market streets

East 3rd Street (from Market to Library)


Friday, September 29th

Winton Woods, Pickett Lane, Forest Hills, Navaho and Hinton drives,

Terre Houte Subdivision, Platnium Drive, Roger’s Road, W. 3rd Street

Germantown Road, Market Steet, Lexington Pike,

Jersey Ridge,  Ashwood, Old Jersey Ridge


Monday, October 2nd

Fleming Road, Hill City Road, Lexington Street Extension,

Coughlin Boulevard., MC Detention Center, Old Southern States,   

Pasquales, Maple Leaf Road, Mason County Schools


Tuesday , October 3rd

Simon Kenton Acres, Shawnee Hills Subdivisions,

Hardee’s, Bon Haven Drive, U.S. 68 (YMCA to Arby”s),

Country Club, Maysville Community College,

Clark’s Run Road


Wednesday, October 4th

Limestone Village, Valentine Drive, Country Club Heights,

Moody Drive (Days Inn to Highland Ridge Apts.) , Edgemont,

Edgecliff, Skyline, Wadsworth, Woodland drives,

Hillcrest, Bluegrass Shopping Center


Thursday , October 5th

K-Mart & County Market, MFD #2, Progress Way, National Guard

Springwood Apartments

Parker Road. to Kenton St. Road,  Federal Mogul, Chris McHugh

Meadowview, Crystal Tissue, Techno Trim

Burley Warehouse, Golf Manor, St. Paul Trinity Manor


Friday, October 6th

Tucker Dr., 84 Lumber, Wal-Mart, B & W Building beside Vet Clinic



Monday, October 9th

Subdivisions off Duke of York and Green Street in Washington  


Tuesday, October 10th   

Mayslick area and Helena