Get the FAQs on the City’s EDC

Too many acronyms for you? An EDC is an Entertainment Destination Center. You may have heard that the City of Maysville passed an ordinance in January establishing an EDC. Maybe you weren’t able to make it to the informational meeting last Thursday. Here’s some information to answer some frequently asked questions.

So what is an Entertainment Destination Center (EDC)?
An EDC is an area with distinct borders in which alcoholic beverages can be purchased and enjoyed within a common area.

What are the boundaries of Maysville’s EDC?
The boundaries are roughly from the Ohio River bank to Third Street and from Wall Street to Bridge Street. See map on reverse.

What does an EDC mean for businesses?
Any business within or adjacent to an EDC can apply for a by-the-drink alcoholic beverage license.

When can businesses apply?
The City of Maysville will be able to apply for its EDC license on July 7. When the City receives its license, it will announce that the businesses within the EDC can begin applying.

Who is responsible for common areas?
The City is responsible for providing security for common areas and ensuring safety for pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

Can licensed business set up bars in common areas?
A business wishing to do so, must request permission from the City Manager and then apply for a supplemental bar license from the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Can these businesses sell packaged beer, wine, or liquor?
No, the licenses specific to EDCs are only for alcoholic beverages sold by the drink.

Where are patrons allowed to drink alcohol?
Patrons may purchase and drink alcoholic beverages in any appropriately licensed premises, the common area or other licensed businesses – but not outside the EDC boundary. All drinks taken off site must be in a plastic cup.