Economic Development

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 Characteristics of the Class:

Under the general direction of the Board of Directors of the Maysville-Mason County Industrial Development Authority (MMCIDA), serves as chief executive and administrative officer of the Industrial Development Authority; and does related work as required.

Responsibilities and Activities:

Plan, coordinate and direct the functions and activities of the MMCIDA

  • Focus on sustaining the equitable balance between Industrial, Commercial and Retail investments, utilizing any and all tools available to promote projects in all areas. Continue to refine the balance between retail, commercial and industrial growth within Maysville and Mason County
  • Provide professional economic development council, assist in the application and permitting process, and serve as an advocate for economic development in line with the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinances, and goals as established by the City of Maysville and Mason County
  • Focus on future and sustainable growth in the areas of education, infrastructure, quality of life, industrial site development, technology access and upgrade, and job training reflective of community needs
  • Research, compile, maintain and promote economic data relative to Maysville, Mason County, and Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Develop and follow a strategy for marketing the community to commercial and industrial prospects utilizing current business attraction and retention strategies. Provide activity reports to the board of directors and partners regularly
  • Identify issues and opportunities relative to existing business and industry, their sustainability and expansion/retention plans to address their needs
  • Report to the board of directors, the state of the area economy and recommend appropriate strategy
  • Engage the MMCIDA Board to utilize local resources, collect information, assist in the direction of the strategic planning process, and affect the direction of industrial/economic growth in the Maysville/Mason County area. The Economic Development Director will share non-confidential information with the MMCIDA Board, Mayor and County Judge Executive as needed to facilitate growth.
  • Develops and fosters a relationship with site selectors, brokers, consultants, real estate agents and any and all developers to promote investment in Maysville and Mason County.
  • Participates actively with local, state and national organizations and activities for full engagement at all levels
  • Promotes and coordinates financing opportunities for business and industry as well as works with the Cabinet for Economic Development’s State Incentive program to assist with financing and incentive packages
  • Promotes coordination of efforts in the county including multijurisdictional planning, projects and programs.
  • Represents the MMCIDA at official functions.
  • Promote the development of MMCIDA Industrial sites applying industrial real estate development knowledge to develop pipeline of site inventory for Maysville and Mason County growth.
  • Understands project security and confidentiality with the ability to withstand immense community pressures for additional project-specific information.
  • Works closely with the Maysville-Mason County Area Chamber of Commerce to identify areas of concern in the promotion of business location and expansion within Maysville and Mason County.
  • The ability to understand, prepare, maintain and utilize information on utilities, taxes, zoning, transportation, community services, financing tools, and incentives, in order to respond to requests for information (RFI’s) for economic development purposes and projects, and coordinate with other departments and agencies as needed.
  • Other tasks as assigned


Training and Experience:

  • Considerable experience in economic and community development, including administrative responsibility; graduation from a four-year college or university, preferably with specialization in economic and community development or a related field; or any equivalent combination or experience and training.
  • Working knowledge of municipal zoning and infrastructure, and planning programs and processes. Ability to communicate effectively to groups and individuals, engineers, architects, contractors, developers, businesses, supervisors, employees, and the general public.
  • Ability to collaborate and coordinate with multiple partner organizations
  • Excellent interpersonal and group facilitation skills
  • Knowledge of state, regional and federal government processes, incentives and programs
  • Demonstrated experience in leading, facilitating, negotiating, and administering as a community leader
  • Applicant must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Applicant must be proficient and comfortable with technology including common office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook), presentation software (PowerPoint, etc.) and GIS/mapping software.

Special Knowledges, Skills and Abilities:

  • Person who acts with honor and character; is consistent and acts with a clear and visible set of values and beliefs; is direct and truthful but also adheres to strict project confidentiality and disclosure agreements.
  • Person who is well organized and possesses the intellect to administer the business of the MMCIDA.
  • Person who communicates effectively through oral, written and verbal communications.
  • Person who is capable of dealing with all issues, challenges, and people; comfortably confronts and works through conflict.
  • Person who inspires others; builds motivated, high-performing teams.
  • Person who has the ability to solve tough and complex problems.
  • Person who is warm, friendly, and can relate to all kinds of people; makes a pleasant first impression and builds solid relationships.
  • Person who is knowledgeable of the physical, economic, and social aspects of the local units of government.
  • Person who is knowledgeable of federal and state programs to promote physical and human growth.

Compensation package commensurate with experience and qualifications

Chosen candidate must be a resident of Maysville/Mason County or be willing to relocate to Maysville/Mason County within 90 days.

Evaluation will be completed by oversight committee as established by the Interlocal Agreement between City, County Governments and MMCIDA.

A cover letter, resume and minimum three references to be submitted by close of business January 4, 2022 to Matt Wallingford at

The Purpose and Mission

Maysville-Mason County Industrial Development Authority was created to serve as the economic development and marketing agency for Maysville and Mason County by promoting the Maysville area as a national and international basis for new or expanding manufacturing projects.

The Authority works with local businesses and local governments to develop the resources and infrastructure necessary to support its economic development program. It also works in a supportive role for private developers.

The Authority has two main goals:

  1. To create new jobs and increase the diversity of jobs.
  2. Expand the tax base of local government.

Industrial Development Authority members are appointed by the Maysville Mayor and Mason County Judge Executive with approval by Maysville City Commission and Mason County Fiscal Court:

  • Jeff Frodge (City)
  • Christopher Hopper (City)
  • Kenny Pitakis (City)
  • Dickie Butler (County)
  • Suzan Ross (County)
  • Mike Lewis (County)

For more information on economic development in Maysville and Mason County, please visit: