Job Corps Offers Education & Training for Low-Income Kids

Elizabeth Adams, youth counselor for Job Corps, addressed the Commission on Human Rights Thursday to bring awareness about educational and vocational training for low-income youth in the area. Adams said that Mason, Bracken, and Lewis counties are among those she serves. 

Adams said, Job Corps offers educational opportunities for low-income youth ages 16-24 as well as older individuals with disabilities. The program has four locations Prestonburg, Frenchburg, Bowling Green, and Pine Knot in McCreary County, and provides housing, living allotments, meals, basic healthcare and therapy, job placement services, assistance with obtaining drivers licenses, education in high school/GED and trades, and job placement. Some classes can earn college credits, and all of the services were completely free.

The program is highly structured in order to teach kids about the work environment, Adams said, but the program also provides numerous leisure activities like from an arcade to full court basketball, cross fit training, arts and crafts, putt-putt golf, and other activities.

A wide range of kids take advantage of the program. She said some participants were already straight A students but found the program beneficial for them. Transgendered youth are placed in the dorm housing the gender with which they identify. Homeless youth can usually be enrolled in the program within two weeks, and most kids with criminal records are eligible to participate.

Adams can be reached at 606-791-0954 or