KDLA Invitation for Grant Proposal

The Office of the City Clerk of Maysville, Kentucky is applying for a Kentucky Local Records Program grant and is now accepting bid proposals for services/equipment/supplies.

Special Conditions

  1. Bid proposals for micrographics services will only be considered from offerers whose laboratories are certified by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
  2. Work must be performed in accordance with applicable policies and regulations of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives as stated in 725 KAR 1:050. Microfilm produced with grant funds must be tested and approved by the Department before authorization for payment will be given.
  3. Copies of digital images accompanied by the corresponding index(es) must be supplied to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives upon completion of the project and before payment is rendered.
  4. Roll microfilm used in this project must be polyester based.
  5. Micrographics services offerers must indicate the roll length that will be used and provide an estimated roll count for each line item that is accurate to within one roll.
  6. Grant funds may be expended for initial quality control.  Costs accrued from additional quality control services will be the sole responsibility of the offerer.
  7. Offerers for services must conduct an onsite examination of the materials before submitting a bid proposal. Special conditions or needs (photostats, bindings, physical conditions, formats, ) must be taken into account before a proposal is submitted. All proposals must include the date the onsite examination was made.
  8. Clarification of terms, descriptions, conditions, or specifications for equipment/supplies is the sole responsibility of the offerer.
  9. Bid proposals must include separate, itemized price quotes for each line item of the proposed project, or section for which the offerer is making a proposal, and a total cost of all sections bid on.
  10. Offerers must provide services or materials within the term of the grant following the beginning of the FY 2023and subsequent availability of state funds.
  11. Written notification from the local agency and the signed, returned obligation statement shall constitute a legal obligation on the part of the offerer to provide the services as stated.
  12. Selection of a bid proposal is contingent upon the award of the Local Records Program grant and subsequent availability of state funds.
  1. Written proposals must be received no later than Feb. 21, 2022 to be considered.

Download full KDLA grant proposal and attachment here.