Major Donation Brings Russian Royalty to Maysville

Maysville, KY—You may just want to brush up on Russian history because January 26th to April 30th, visitors to the KSB Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center will be treated to a rare peek inside the lavish summer home of 18th century tsars. Any mention of the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg is bound to pique interest. Whether it was the lives of the royal families—Catherine the Great overthrew her own husband to rule—or the palace itself, with walls of amber and gold-gilded architecture, the stories are fascinating. And nothing brings it to life more than seeing the famously extravagant residence as it looked during their lifetimes.
The donation of the 1:12-scale (one inch to one foot) Catherine Palace was made by Carole Kaye who owned the now-shuttered Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The palace was from her private collection and was never displayed to the public. She contacted Kaye Savage Browning last year to offer the one-of-a-kind exhibit to Browning’s eponymous collection. “There was one caveat, however,” says Browning. “We had to get it here, and that was easier said than done.” The 700-pound palace arrived in pieces contained in specially-made crates built by assistant curator of the KSB Miniatures Collection, Linda Young. Young, along with Browning’s daughter, Carey Seven, are preparing the exhibit for the January 26th premiere.
The Catherine Palace was created by prominent English miniaturist Robert Dawson of the Modelroom in 2005. Dawson spent countless hours in Russia at the real palace for research. It took him and his team one year to painstakingly re-create the castle, from its gold gilded spires to its meticulously crafted parquet floors. Most notable is his reproduction of the palace’s famous Amber Room which, before its dismantlement and disappearance, was considered the “eighth wonder of the world.” Other completely furnished rooms include the Chinese Blue Room, the Blue Study called “the Snuffbox,” the Great Hall, and the Agate Rooms. “This donation is an important acquisition for not only the KSB Miniatures Collection, but for the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center as it offers guests an exclusive opportunity to see how 18th century Russian royalty lived without actually going to Russia. It really is stunning, and then to think that it was all created in one-twelfth scale . . . the entire exhibit is extraordinary.” The Catherine Palace will be displayed from January 26th to April 30th in the changing exhibit hall of the KYGMC along with Russian art pieces from the museum’s collection.
A wine and cheese reception for the Catherine Palace exhibit will be held Saturday, February 6th, from 5-7. Free to museum members. Suggested $5 donation for non-members. If guests join during the event, a $5 discount will be applied to membership fee.

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The KSB Miniatures Collection is a 3,300-square-foot gallery filled with thousands of fine art miniatures, room boxes and houses collected by Kaye Savage Browning over the past forty years. Located within the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky, it is considered one of the most notable collections of its kind in the world.

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