Make Maysville Beautiful: New Ordinance Aimed at Cleaning Up

In an effort to make Maysville a cleaner and more beautiful place to live, Maysville City Commission is changing the way bulk trash items are collected.

Ordinance No. 18-14 revises Code of Ordinances §152.04 Schedules to require residents and landlords who have furniture and/or trash that is placed for collection at times other than the resident’s normal trash day to dispose of the items within a 24-hour period or pay a fee for the cost of disposal by Public Works.

Furniture will be collected by appointment only. Residents having furniture must call Public Works to obtain a time for the furniture to be collected and pay a $10 per item collection fee at City Hall prior to pick-up. Collection of the furniture shall only be made for occupants of the building, and all upholstered furniture must be wrapped in plastic.

Other bulk items may be picked up on regular trash days.

Landlords removing furniture and/or trash placed for collection, at times other than regular trash day from rental property shall dispose of the furniture and/or unallowed trash by private means.

A fee of $10 per item plus $40 per load must be paid prior to pick-up at City Hall for all scheduled appointments for removal of furniture and/or unallowed trash. Furniture, all upholstered items, and all mattresses are required to be wrapped in plastic prior to collection.

For more information or to schedule a pick-up, call the Public Works Department at 606-759-0419.