Mason County Joint Planning Commission

The planning commission is composed of 8 members:  4 appointed by the Mayor of Maysville and approved by the City Commission and 4 appointed by the Mason County Judge Executive and approved by the Fiscal Court.

Current Planning Commissioners are:

  • Tim Teegarden (City)
  • Tom Coe (County)
  • John Hutchings (City)
  • Annette Walters (County)
  • Peggy Frame (County)
  • Lesley Myers (City)
  • Xandy Stewart (City)
  • David Reed (County)

The commission is charged with 4 main duties, among others:


  1. Prepare, review, amend, and recommend adoption of the Comprehensive Plan to the legislative bodies;
  2. Enforce, review, and adopt the Subdivision Regulations;
  3. Recommend changes to the legislative bodies regarding the Land Use Management Ordinance and Official Land Use Maps;
  4. File land use restrictions with the County Clerk (i.e. map amendments, conditional use permits, and variances)

The Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Maysville Municipal Building.

George Larger is the staff liaison for Maysville-Mason County Planning and Zoning Commission and may be contacted at 606-564-2719 or