Maysville Board of Commissioners February 13th Agenda

Maysville Board of Commissioners will hold its regular February meeting at 5:15 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 13 at Maysville Municipal Building. The agenda is as follows:


  1. Invocation
  2. Roll call


  1. All items approved will be done by one undebatable motion and passed unanimously.
  • Minutes: Regular Jan. 9 and 23, 2020
  • Department Reports: Engineering Department, Utility Department, Treasurer/Finance, Codes Department, Main Street, Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, City Clerk, Tourism Department
  • Appointments:

      Board of Architectural Review: Daisy Pate, 12/31/22


  1. Open to comments


  1. Hiring Process
  2. Promotion Process
  3. Bump-outs on West Second Street


  1. Resolution authorizing the filing of an application with the Department of Transportation, USA, for a grant under the FAST ACT and Resolution committing the local share of funds to secure a section 2307/5311 grant application; 02-05
  2. Resolution re roads within the City road system; 20-06
  3. Resolution authorizing Municipal Road Aid Cooperative Program Agreement; 20-07
  4. Resolution authorizing Title VI plan update; 20-08
  5. Resolution authorizing loan agreement with the U.S.A. for aircraft; 20-09
  6. Resolution authorizing lease with Kanawha Stone Inc. for filed office trailer; 20-10
  7. Resolution authorizing stockpile agreement with Kanawha Stone Inc.; 20-12
  8. Resolution authorizing insurance application; 20-11
  9. Resolution authorizing insurance application for Joint Planning Commission; 20-12


  1. Ordinance amending investment policy ordinance, first reading; 20-02
  2. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Chapter 191 to create subsection 191.08 prohibiting improper disposal of pet solid waste; 20-03
  3. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Chapter 11.01 – Penalties, first reading; 20-04
  4. Ordinance amending Chapter 70.055 and 70.056 – Qualifications and Duties of City Clerk, second reading; 20-01


  1. Motion on surplus property and set date for auction


  1. Motion to adjourn