Maysville City Commission Agenda for Thursday

The City of Maysville Board of Commissioners will meet in regular session at 5:15 p.m., Thursday, June 13, 2019, at Maysville Municipal Building. The agenda is as followes:


  1. Invocation
  2. Roll call


  1. All items approved will be done by one undebatable motion passed unanimously. Any item may be removed for debate on request of any member of Commission.
  • Minutes: Regular May 9 and June 11, and special meetings May 23, 28, and 29, and June 4, 2019
  • Department Reports: Engineering Department, Utility Department, Treasurer/Finance, Codes Department, Main Street, Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, City Clerk, Tourism Department
  • Board & Commission Reappointments
  • Terrence L. Ellie, Board of Architectural Review, 12/31/19
  • Personnel
  • Resignation of Lamont Johnson from Utility Department, effective 6/14/19
  • Promotion of Jonathan Hughes and Robbie Bingaman to regular firefighter status


  1. Appointment of Building Inspector


  1. Recycling


  1. Open to comments


  1. Resolution authorizing Trust Participation Agreements with KLC for General Insurance Trust; 19-45
  2. Resolution awarding bid of demolition of 227-231 Wood Street; 19-47
  3. Resolution awarding bid for demolition of 210-212 East Fifth Street; 19-48
  4. Resolution awarding contract for purchase of fuel for FY 2020; 19-49


  1. Ordinance amending Codes Enforcement Board meeting time, first reading; 19-15
  2. Ordinance abolishing Main Street board, first reading; 19-17
  3. Ordinance abolishing cemetery board, first reading; 19-18
  4. Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Section 70-176: Comptrollers duties and powers, first reading; 19-19
  5. Ordinance to amend Code of Ordinances Section 54.10 to change meeting date, first reading; 19-22
  6. Ordinance amending street sweeper ordinance to remove section of Union Street, second reading; 19-13
  7. Ordinance amending procurement process ordinance; second reading; 19-14
  8. Ordinance abolishing Utility Commission Board, second reading; 19-16
  9. Ordinance setting budget for FY 2020, second reading; 19-20
  10. Ordinance setting pay plan, second reading; 19-21


  1. Motion to surplus property
  2. BLDG Meetings
  3. City Manager Evaluation


  1. Motion to adjourn