National Career Readiness Certificate Benefits and Features



The NCRC is a valuable resource for a variety of people. The NCRC helps:

  • Job seekers and current employees improve their career outcomes
  • Students prepare to succeed in a variety of career pathways
  • Educators gain confidence that their students are ready for life after high school
  • Employers and human resources professionals improve their hiring, training, and promotion decisions
  • Workforce developers better assist those they serve, including displaced workers, in entering or reentering the job market
  • Economic developers provide evidence of a skilled workforce that helps attract business and industry
  • Industry associations have a foundation for building systems of stackable credentials
  • Policymakers and legislators gain a resource to create policy and legislative solutions to the nation’s economic and educational challenges

When individuals earn the NCRC, they become part of a robust workforce that helps their community’s economy thrive—which benefits everyone.

Visit the NCRC Website for more information.