November City Commission Agenda

Maysville Board of Commissioners will hold its November meeting on at 5:15 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 16, 2018 at Maysville Municipal Building.


1.      Invocation

2.      Roll call


3.      The consent agenda is a means of expediting routine matters that must be acted on by Commission. All items approved will be done by one undebatable motion passed unanimously. Any item may be removed for debate on request of any member of Commission. Items removed from the consent portion become the first items of business of the regular agenda.

a.      Minutes: Regular meeting Oct. 11 & special meeting Oct. 16, 2018

b.      Department Reports: Engineering Department, Utility Department, Treasurer/Finance, Codes Department, Main Street, Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, City Clerk, Tourism Department

c.       Boards & Commissions

·         None

d.      Personnel

·         Appointment of Caleb Lewis and Grooms to Fire Department

·         Promotion of Kyle Carpenter to rank of Lieutenant in Fire Department

·         Resignation of Chris Padelford from Police Department



4.      Others in attendance


5.      Dwayne Meadows: Towing List

6.      Accomplishments in Police and Fire Departments


7.      Resolution authorizing social media policy; 18-103

8.      Resolution authorizing memorandum of agreement with DLG on park grant; 18-104

9.      Resolution accepting bid on defibrillators; 18-105

10.  Resolution authorizing FEMA funding applications for Limestone pump station; 18-106

11.  Resolution accepting bid on West Second Street Sidewalk Project; 18-107



12.  Ordinance awarding franchise for solid waste collection to Rumpke, first reading; 18-35

13.  Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Section 320.305, change of penalties, first reading; 18-36

14.  Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Section 11.01, condemned property fines, first reading; 18-37

15.  Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances Section 278.99, civil fines, first reading; 18-38

16.  Ordinance amending Chapter 152, first reading; 18-39


17.  Ordinance amending Code of Ordinances 320.411.99, Code Enforcement Board, second reading; 18-34


18.  Closed session pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(b) acquisition of real property.


19.  Motion to adjourn