Recycling Dumpsters Available


Recycling Graphic

PUBLIC NOTICE– Recycling Dumpsters
Recycling dumpsters will be set up and ready to go on Wednesday, September 29th. Six dumpsters (12 total) will be placed in two locations in Maysville: in the rear of the parking lot on East Second Street across from the Health Department (between the Simon Kenton Bridge and Eagles Lodge), and at Public Works on Martha Comer Drive (the road that goes behind the community college). The dumpsters at Public Works will be located on the left when you turn in to the parking lot. These dumpsters are for RECYCLABLE MATERIAL only (paper, cardboard, etc). Please see below for items that are accepted. The material does NOT have to be sorted. Please do not put the material in a plastic bag, such as a garbage bag prior to placing in the dumpsters. Security cameras will be placed at both locations, and anyone caught dumping trash, tires, furniture or non-recyclable material will be prosecuted in court.
Thank you for recycling!