Spring Cleaning in Maysville: “Keep Up the Sweep Up”


The City of Maysville is sponsoring a city-wide cleanup Friday, May 18th through Sunday, May 20th. The City will provide dumpsters at

  • Pelham/East 6th streets
  • IGA parking lot
  • Central/East 6th streets
  • City Hall
  • Old Main Street in Old Washington between North & South Court Streets (trash truck)
  • Wall Street & McDonald Parkway
  • Public Works on Martha Comer Drive
  • Under the Simon Kenton Bridge on East Second Street
  • 400/500 block of West Second Street.


  • No hazardous materials or tires permitted in dumpsters
  • Residential Tire drop off at Union Street and the Public Works Department on Martha Comer Drive.
Cleanup day

The City will furnish trash-bags and rubber gloves for street-by-street litter pick-up to any civic/non-profit groups or groups of City caring citizens which would like to aid in a clean-up day on Saturday, May 19th.

If any groups are interested, please contact Matt Wallingford at 564-9419.

Cleanup Tips

Garbage and Trash 

  • Never set your garbage cans out more than 18 hours prior to your day of pick-up and please place them in your side or rear yard 12 hours after pick-up
  • All garbage must be in a sealed container
  • If you have a major clean up, you can call the Mason County Landfill and arrange for a dumpster (759-7049)  The City also has trash trucks that we can bring to a property, whether it’s for one day or a whole weekend!  $40/truck…..Fill it up!

Weeds and Tall Grass 

  • Please keep your grass under 8 inches at all times
  • Cutting your grass at least once a week, leaving the clippings behind, can help you have a healthy, vibrant yard
  • Grass clippings are a natural fertilizer for your lawn
  • Never blow or sweep grass clippings into the street as they can clog up storm sewers and make sidewalks slick
  • Snakes and rodents like tall grass—keeping your grass cut helps to “weed” out these varmints!

Tree limbs and brush 

  • Tree limbs (no more than 4 inches in diameter) and brush cut by the property owner can be set out near the curb for city pick-up
  • The city will mulch 15 minutes worth of debris for free!