Stop Door-To-Door Solicitors Before They Knock

Preventing door-to-door solicitors is as simple as filling out the attached No Knock Protection Application form and bringing in to city hall. Your name will be placed on a No Knock list given to everyone buying a solicitors license, and you will get a No Knock sticker for your door.

At the August meeting, Maysville Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 17C-23 Restrictions on Soliciting, which requires those wishing to sell products, subscriptions, or services or request donations to purchase a 90-day solicitors license in addition to a business license. The application for a solicitors license requires specific information about the applicant and company for which they work, and products being sold. Applicants are required to pass a background check prior to being issued a license.

If the solicitors license is granted, the license holder is given a copy of the No Knock List and is not allowed to solicit at any address on the list. Anyone violating the No Knock List will have their solicitors license revoked.

No Knock Protection Applications are also available from the City Clerk.

Solicitors License Application