Taxes & Licensing

Business License Information

Occupational License

Any individual or enterprise operating for profit within the city limits of Maysville is required to obtain an Occupational License. A license must be obtained prior to the start of a new business, when a change of ownership occurs, and at renewal annually. New and change of ownership applicants are requested to complete an Occupational License and Payroll Tax Application Form to be submitted with the initial fee of $75. An Gross Receipts License Fee Tax Return must be submitted with all business license renewals in compliance with Occupational Tax Ordinance. For more information regarding fees and regulations, contact Comptroller Penny Stanfield at 606-564-2701 or or Melissa Wood at 606-564-2710 or

Please visit the Forms page to download the appropriate forms. License application fees may be paid with credit or debit cards.

Payroll Taxes

Any individual working as an employee within the city limits of Maysville is assessed a local payroll tax of 1.95% of gross wages. The local payroll withholding rate will increase to 1.99% on Jan. 1, 2019. Payroll taxes are to be withheld from the employee by the employer and remitted to the City of Maysville on a quarterly basis. Tax payments are due 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter. For more information regarding fees and regulations, contact Asst. Comptroller Karen Cracraft at 606-564-2712 or or Melissa Wood at 606-564-2710 or

Please visit the Forms page to download the Quarterly Payroll Withholding form.

Alcoholic Beverage License

Any business operating within the city limits of Maysville, which sells alcoholic beverages, must obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License from the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well as from the City of Maysville. Application to the city must be submitted to City Clerk/ABC Administrator Lisa R. Dunbar along with appropriate payment and completed Kentucky and City of Maysville ABC applications and any supporting documents.

The City Clerk may be reached at 606-564-2718 or

Maysville Ordinance 13-31 set new categories and fees for alcoholic beverage licenses. Learn more about Maysville Ordinance 13-31.

Please visit the Forms page to download the City of Maysville ABC application. For Kentucky applications, visit the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage website.