Where Alcohol and Minors Can Mix

Under Kentucky law, alcoholic beverage licensees and their employees cannot permit those under the age of 21 from remaining where alcoholic beverages are sold by the drink or consumed on the premises unless the usual and customary business of the licensee is a hotel, motel, restaurant, convention center, convention hotel complex, racetrack, simulcast facility, golf course, private club, park, fair, church, school, athletic complex, athletic arena, theater, small farm winery, distillery, brewery, winery, convenience store, grocery store, drug store, entertainment destination center, licensed APC premises, or any other business type as determined by the board through the promulgation of administrative regulations, whose operations allow it to adequately monitor and prevent alcohol sales to minors..

Additionally, the Alcoholic Control Board has exempted other types of businesses from that prohibition, including:

  1. Barber shop – established and licensed under KRS Chapter 317
  2. Bed and Breakfast – as defined by KRS 241.010(5)
  3. Bowling alley – containing several lanes of tenpin bowling
  4. Commercial airplane – providing regularly scheduled or charter flights
  5. Commercial airport – as defined by KRS 241.010(5)
  6. Department store – retail establishment offering consumer goods including but not limited to clothing, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.
  7. Designated drinking area – an area containing a bar, counter, or similar structure, where employees prepare and serve alcoholic beverages to customers, that is separated from the remainder of the premises by a barrier or that has no more than two entrances and exits accessible from the remainder of the premises. The designated drinking area may contain employee access by keyed entry and emergency exits equipped with crash bars.
  8. Museum
  9. Not-for-profit event
  10. Organized civic or community-sponsored event
  11. Paint and sip business – a business that provides paid group painting lessons accompanied by alcoholic beverages
  12. Qualified historic site as defined by KRS 241.010(54)
  13. Riverboat
  14. Salon and spa – established and licensed under KRS Chapter 317A
  15. Train

Businesses that serve alcohol by the drink may permit minors to remain on the premises if the licensee only conducts drink sales and allows consumption in a designated drinking area from which minors are excluded.

Regardless of the above provision, a licensee may exclude minors from parts or all of its premises.

Operators of premises in which alcohol is sold by the drink for consumption on premises where minors are prohibited or designated drinking area must post in a prominent place near the door a sign (at least 8 by 11 inches in 100 point or larger type): NO PERSONS UNDER 21 ALLOWED.

For more information, check KRS 244.080, 244.085, 244.090.