Young Professionals Seek Community Input

MYPN logoMAYSVILLE – The Maysville Young Professionals Network (MYPN) has designed a survey with the intent of getting answers to what young professionals in the Maysville area want. The survey, which opened Monday, April 16, 2018 will remain open for several weeks, and will be used by MYPN to develop future programming.

“We are excited to get some concrete data to use going forward as we continue to develop the group,” said MYPN Chair Ellen Cartmell. “We mostly know ‘what’s working’ for people who are already involved in MYPN, but this should help us branch out and cast a wider net to learn what others think our focus should be.”

According to the survey introduction, three types of questions will be asked: questions about the young professional, such as what they do for work and what their hobbies are; questions about the Maysville area, such as what young people would like to see the community offer; and question about MYPN, such as what events and group opportunities would be most beneficial.

Survey responses are not limited to those who work in Maysville, nor is there an age limit. The survey description says the group generally considers young professionals to be millennials between 21 and 35, but they are open to feedback from anyone. They also encourage responses from anyone who lives, works, or otherwise spends time in the larger Buffalo Trace area.

The survey was designed by Cartmell and by members of the MYPN Visioning Committee, which is led by Justin Denham. City Planner George Larger, Parc Cafe manager Courtney Myers, and other committee members helped shape the questions. “The Visioning Committee is tasked with determining what we want Maysville to be and how we can get there,” said Cartmell, “so this was the perfect project for them.”

Denham agreed, “I am so excited about this… The information we gather will help drive the direction of our efforts to attract and retain YPs to the area and help create an even better community for us all.”

City Manager Matt Wallingford was optimistic that the young professionals survey could help guide local strategy, saying, “The information gained from this survey can help city officials determine what amenities and services are needed to retain and attract young professionals to Maysville.”

The survey can be found on the Maysville Young Professionals Network Facebook page, as well as here:

The MYPN was established in 2016 to help connect young people in the Buffalo Trace region with opportunities to network, learn and serve their communities. The group meets monthly on the first Monday at 5:00 PM at the Chamber of Commerce.